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September 08, 2017 3 min read

Zhik Superwarm

Over the next few months the water is going to be getting colder and you’re going to be searching for some warmer sailing clothing.

For the past few years the Zhik Superwarm wetsuit range has been leading the way using super stretch neoprene and other material technologies to keep sailors warm throughout the cold European winter. With unique and well designed features lots of sailors are seeing the benefit of Zhik Superwarm wetsuits and tops.

Even if you are only sailing a traditional sailing season until around the end of October we would certainly recommend investing in some Superwarm wetsuit kit. It will also be a massive benefit when you start sailing again in March too.

The Zhik Superwarm wetsuit range is currently available in a few different variations:

  • Superwarm Steamer
  • Superwarm skiff suit long john
  • Superwarm top
  • Superwarm socks
  • Superwarm head band
  • Superwarm Robert Schiedt Hikers (hiking pads integrated into a Superwarm wetsuit, designed and developed by Laser and Star sailor Robert Schiedt)

You heard it here first but there are also Superwarm wetsuit gloves coming in 2018, we’ve seen the samples and they are fantastic – come and see us at the Dinghy Show to buy a pair.

View the full range of Zhik Superwarm products on our website.

The important thing to note is that the Zhik Superwarm wetsuits and accessories are not only for sailors, in fact, we’ve sold loads of the steamers to kite surfers, surfers and body boarders. Depending on your type of watersport you may choose a different product to purchase.

By far the most popular product is the Superwarm skiff suit. Speaking to customers they like the flexibility of being able to keep their body warm, the water out, and being able to adjust the type of top based on conditions. If it’s blowing and really cold you’ll add a Superwarm top, if it’s warmer you might like a thinner top, something like an Orspan or Titanium top.

The steamer will keep all of the heat in and generally keep you a bit warmer as there is no space for the cold air or water to get in. This also has the benefit of being thinner around your stomach area compared to a top and skiff suit together.

Key features of the Zhik Superwarm Range

  • 3D body mapped fit
  • Superstretch neoprene
  • Water repellant outter
  • Thermal quad core layer
  • Fast drying hydrobase inner which collects moisture from your body
  • Glued, blind stitched and sealed seams to keep the water out
  • ZiBand technology to stop water running up inside the arms and legs
  • ZhikTex II hard wearing backside and knee pads to make your suit last longer
  • Loo Rip in the mens suits so you can easily take a leak without getting out of your kit


At Sailing Chandlery we have a deal currently where if you buy a steamer, or skiff suit and top together then we’ll throw in a pair of Superwarm socks for free. This is on top of price reductions bringing the products below the Zhik RRP.

Package prices are (based on prices at the time of writing):

  • Superwarm Steamer and Socks - £399 (save £78 from RRP)
  • Superwarm Skiff Suit, Superwarm Top and Socks - £410 (save £86 from RRP)

Don’t forget that if you haven’t ordered with Sailing Chandlery before then you’ll receive 10% off your first order. If you have ordered with us then make sure you have registered for an account and we’ll give you reward points for every purchase you make. You can cash in your reward points the next time you shop with us.

Video Review

Here is the video review of the Superwarm wetsuits that we filmed with Tristan from Zhik.


If you have any questions about the Zhik Superwarm wetsuit range, or any other products at Sailing Chandlery then please drop us an email or give us a call. You’ll find our contact details in the top right corner of our website.