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December 17, 2019 2 min read

Why hiking pads are essential

If you're hanging out the boat trying to keep it flat then hiking pads are going to be an essential tool for you to improve your sailing, make your boat sail faster, and for you to enjoy the experience a lot more.

We all know that trying to sail a boat and keep it flat can be painful, especially if you have a boat like a Laser or Topper which has hard edges, your legs will dig in and the harder you hike out, the more it will hurt.

    History of hiking solutions

    We've seen all sorts of weird and wonderful hiking solutions over the years and everyone has their favourite. 

    We've seen padding on the side of the boat, hiking wetsuits, hiking harnesses which you step into and strap around your waist and shoulders, then individual pads that fit in many other ways.

    Hiking has evolved and we're focussing on less bulk and less to get in the way while sailing.

    Advantages of hiking pads

    • Protect your legs
    • Take the pain away
    • Spread the weight of your body across the pads in the hiking pads

    Our favourite hiking pads

    Here at Sailing Chandlery there is one set of hiking pads that we struggle to keep in stock because they are so popular.

    These are the Zhik PowerPads, now in their third evolution.

    Zhik have evolved their hiking pads to improve them every time, all based on feedback from sailors of all events, Olympic Champions through to club sailors. When Zhik said they were releasing a third version of their hiking pads we were not sure how they could be better. The improvement came in a better fit, with a velcro tightening option over the top to help keep them in place on your leg.

    Key Zhik Hiking Pad Features

    • The latest evolution of Powerpads now with a superior fit
    • Adjustable for a customised fit and more comfort
    • Durable slim profile 4x batten pad that conforms to your leg
    • Optional EVA padding for extra height off the deck
    • Reinforcement in high wear areas for added durability
    • Works under any Zhik wetsuit

    The Zhik Powerpads simply slide up your leg and fit just underneath your rear, then your wetsuit goes over the top.

    Zhik PowerPads

    Fitting Guide

    Zhik PowerPad Fitting Guide