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July 03, 2024 3 min read

Testing the D-Zero Dinghy

As you might have seen we are expanding our Devoti offering here at Sailing Chandlery and are now offering the D-Zero dinghy.

Of course, when we get a new boat in we want to get out there and test it for ourselves. This weekend we took advantage of a reasonable forecast, loaded up a used D-Zero onto the trailer and headed to our sailing club to get the boat out on the water.

Comfortable hiking on the Devoti D-Zero

D-Zero Key Stats

  • Length - 4.2m
  • Width - 1.42m
  • Hull Weight - 43kg
  • Recommended helm weight - 60-110kg
  • PY Number - 1029
  • Sail Area - 8.1m2 (smaller sails also available)

D-Zero Initial Impressions

As with any boat that arrives at a sailing club you soon get a crowd coming over to see what the boat is, who's it is and what is happening. With it being on the back of the Sailing Chandlery van most people thought it was a new boat we were delivering to a customer.

Initial impressions of the D-Zero from the people who came over:

  • We love the modern hull design
  • Carbon spars look excellent
  • The boat is very lightweight
  • Looks very well made
  • This boat is brand new (it is not, it's actually 9 years old and has been refurbed by Devoti)

Conditions on the Day

Unfortunately we picked a dull grey British summers day, but on the flip side that did mean we had some decent wind to sail in.

The breeze was up and it was blowing between a force 4 and force 5 across the River Blackwater. Enough to get the boat going and give it a real test.

On the Water Review

Both Jason (68kgs) and Andrew (95kgs) sailed the boat, Jason was up first after launching and took off from the hard.

Jason's Initial Impressions

  • The D-Zero and spars are extremely lightweight and well-built
  • The rudder blade was stiff to get in an out but was fine after being dropped in the water to make it wet and easier to use in the cassette system
  • The grip on the cockpit floor stops the ropes from running out 
  • The kicker upgrade is needed to increase the purchase power
  • The steering is light and responsive
  • The D-Zero Black Laminate sail stands out on the slipway
  • Being able to leave the mast up and hoist the sail is great for people coming from a Laser, no more lifting the rig
  • The D-Zero benefits from the open back cockpit to drain any water out
  • Securing the main halyard through the clip is simple and easy to cleat (unlike some other classes with a mast top cleated halyard)

Jason sailing the Devoti D-Zero

Andrew's Initial Impressions

  • The boat feels lightweight and is very responsive on the tiller
  • Although the boat is light you can feel the stiffness and Devoti quality throughout
  • Comfortable to hike out with the shaped hull
  • Adjustable toe strap system works well for those windier days
  • The boat works with you and you don't have to fight it
  • The boat is very quick up onto the plane and when bearing away
  • Fun boat to sail, it was an enjoyable experience, even in the windy conditions
  • I wish this was available many years ago when I wanted to change up from my Byte but didn't want to move to a Laser
Andrew sailing the Devoti D-Zero

Photos from the Test

Devoti D-Zero - Sailing Chandlery test
Devoti D-Zero - Sailing Chandlery test
Devoti D-Zero - Sailing Chandlery test
Devoti D-Zero - Sailing Chandlery test
Devoti D-Zero - Sailing Chandlery test
Devoti D-Zero - Sailing Chandlery test

D-Zeros in Stock at Sailing Chandlery

Looking to purchase a new or used D-Zero? At the point of writing we have both excellent condition ex-demo boats and also brand new boats in stock and available for delivery to anywhere in the UK. We are based on Canvey Island in Essex and you can also collect your new boat from us too.

Get in touch with our friendly team today, you can call us on 01268 222912 or email