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June 12, 2020 1 min read

Our Most Recommended Mainsheet Rope

We get a lot of calls and emails asking what mainsheet rope we would recommend for a variety of boats.

Naturally the eye of any customer falls towards the most expensive mainsheet rope as being the best for the job at hand. This is not always the case and will depend on the boat you are sailing and the use.

If you are looking for a mainsheet which doesn't need to be spliced or tapered then there is one simple choice, and that is Evolution Sheet rope from Kingfisher.

Here's why we love the rope as a mainsheet:

  • Lightweight
  • Doesn't twist
  • Doesn't take on water
  • Floats
  • Hard wearing
  • It lasts
  • The price is great

You don't just have to use this for a mainsheet though, it's also perfect for jib sheets and spinnaker sheets and the rope is available in 6mm, 7mm and 8mm diameters so you can select your preference.

Evolution sheet rope is a braid on braid rope made from a multi filament polyprop material which floats. Available in three attractive colour options we struggle to keep this on the shelf as it flies off the reel.

Explore the options:


Have you got some questions about a new mainsheet? We're always happy to have a discussion with you, review photos and to provide impartial advice based on your requirements. Get in touch with the team today or explore all of our mainsheet ropes.

1 Response

Barry Thompson
Barry Thompson

August 17, 2020

Best rope for topping lift on 8 metre boat.
23 metres required .

Thank you Barry Thompson

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