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July 28, 2022 2 min read

NEW Intego Pro Sports Suncream

We have a brand new sports sunscreen in stock at Sailing Chandlery which will replace our range of SOLRX creams over the next few months.

The team at Intego Pro have been selling sports suncreams for years and have been listening to your feedback and working on a new product which has been developed and tested across the World since 2018.

Tested and proven to the highest standards in the world, Intego Pro's powerful SPF50+ and SPF30 sunscreens are quickly becoming the choice of professional athletes and watersport enthusiasts. They have a non-greasy, oil free, water and sweat resistant formula, meaning it absorbs into the skin so won’t run into your eyes or leave your hands slippery. Two things you really don't want when sailing!

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally, many sunscreens can be highly toxic especially in respect of aquatic life, and this was something Intego Pro wanted to be 100% aware of. Gradually certain sunscreen and cosmetics ingredients are being banned in different parts of the World. Each ingredient in the formulation has been carefully considered for both its risks and benefits to the end user.

Many everyday sunscreens contain ingredients that can have a whole range of damaging effects to our health, with the excuse being that the benefit of sun protection outweighs the risk. Intego Pro didn’t believe that was a necessary risk and again reviewed each ingredient to limit personal health risks.

We know that these new sunscreen products are safe and effective sunscreen that performs in the most demanding conditions, and this will continue to be our focus as we continue to develop and bring out new products. 

Tested In The Best Locations

Different regions across the World have their own standards and Intego Pro needs to meet needs of the highest standards out there. This is why the product has been tested by labs in Australia as they have some of the highest expectations from their sunscreens in the world.

Available in SPF50+ and SPF30

Integro Pro is available in 75ml tubes currently and in SPF50+ and SPF30 protection. Follow the product image below to find out more.