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March 13, 2019 2 min read

Laser XD Kit - What you need to upgrade your Laser to an XD

If you're thinking of upgrading your Laser from a classic rig to a Laser XD kit then you've come to the right place.

Here are Sailing Chandlery we are Laser Performance authorised dealers and can provide you with all the help and support you need to upgrade your boat with a new Laser XD kit.

The XD in Laser XD kit stands for extra dimension, essentially the new rigging set up gives you extra control and additional purchase making your Laser control lines easier to adjust and your boat easier to sail.

The Laser XD kit was introduced a number of years ago and is now sold as standard with all new Laser boats.

The same set up also fits straight into an ILCA dinghy as well.

What's included in the Laser XD kit?

There are two parts which make up the kit and they can both be purchased separately:

The XD vang pack contains everything you need to transform your kicker/vang set up into the XD kit.

The XD power pack contains everything you need to upgrade your downhaul and outhaul systems into the XD kit.

The official class legal version of the Laser XD kit is made by Harken and the kits include quality Harken parts which are used by Olympians day in day out and they're built to last at the best possible quality.

Laser XD Kit Vang/Kicker Pack

Laser XD Kit - Vang and Kicker Pack

Laser XD Kit Power Pack

Laser XD Kit - Downhaul and Outhaul XD Kit Pack

Fitting the XD Kit

Realistically, when fitting an XD kit the hardest part is threading the ropes through the blocks and cleats. You might look at your current set up and think you've got to remove fairleads and clamcleats but this kit will just fit into the exact same holes.

The fairlead at the base of the mast unscrews and the new metal plate fits right on top using the same holes. The clamcleat is removed from in front of the daggerboard case and the two Harken cleats on the plastic base fit right on top.

Both packs come with fitting instructions to guide you through the process. We recommend leaving around 1-2 hours to get the job done properly.


Got questions about the Laser XD kit and the different packs? Why not give us a call on 01268 222 912 so we can talk you through the packs and the process of fitting them.

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