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September 05, 2019 2 min read

Laser Vago vs Laser Vago Race

The Laser Vago has been a popular boat from Laser Performance for a number of years, mainly because it caters for the intermediate through to expert level providing not only fun sailing but also competitive racing.

Did you know the Laser Vago is also available in Race mode?

The Laser Vago

Here are the two versions of Laser Vago available today:

Things you need to know about the Laser Vago

  • Can we sailed single handed or two up
  • Hardwearing hull made of a tri-skin foam sandwich
  • Can fit between 1 and 3 people
  • High boom provides plenty of head room
  • Can support both hiking and trapezing
  • The boat doesn't come with a cover or launching trolley, you'll need to factor those into your purchase, along with any other extras you might like

What extras do you get with a Vago Race?

The Vago Race gives you a few extras which can make a big difference:

  • Trapeze lines for the crew
  • Large race spinnaker
  • Mylar main sail with more sail area

Our Recommendation

With a price difference of only £250 if you're more at the advanced level we would recommend the upgrade, you would be mad not to take the extras for a great price.

If you're an intermediate and need to build confidence then go for the standard Vago dinghy, you can always upgrade at a later date either all together or one item at a time.

Custom Boat Package

If you are looking for a new Laser Vago then why not give our friendly team at Sailing Chandlery a call. We would be happy to talk through your situation, the type of sailing you do to create a package which works for you. And of course, at a great price.