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Catamaran Boat Covers

If you're a catamaran sailor (like us) then you'll know the importance of keeping your boat, and especially your trampoline, protected from the elements.

It's not only your trampoline you need to protect, your hulls are also very important if you want to keep your catamaran in good condition. We're not just talking about water, we're also talking about the sun.

A cover provides a lot of protection for your boat when it's not being used. We all know the UK weather has it's variations which can be hard on anything left outside.

Our covers team are experienced in making catamaran covers for your catamaran or multihull and have produced hundreds over the years.

Key Catamaran Boat Cover Facts

Here are the key facts and features about our catamaran covers:

  • Made in the UK
  • Soft webbing straps
  • Easy to clip together buckles
  • Over boom covers
  • Handle in middle of trampoline for flat covers so you can tie your halyard on to lift it up
  • Breathable and PVC options available
  • PVC can be made in grey or blue
  • PVC is 460 grams per square meter
  • Breathable polycotton is 450 grams per square meter

Breathable Cover vs PVC Cover

PVC is perfect if your boat is a bit older but the ultimate cover to have is a breathable catamaran cover.

The cotton fibres in the polycotton breathable catamaran covers blend and swell when they become wet. This helps to make the fabric more waterproof the wetter it becomes.

As the boat cover dries, the fibres shrink allowing moisture to evaporate away from the boat.

The 50/50 polyester and cotton (polycotton) fabric combines the strength of the polyester with the breathable nature of the cotton.

Although more expensive, the cotton gives the material its unique breathable characteristics. Other benefits also include:

  • Less abrasive on varnished wood
  • More breathable to prevent osmosis on FRP
  • Many manufacturers only guarantee hulls with breathable covers

Need a new Catamaran cover?

You can explore all of the catamaran covers we offer here at Sailing Chandlery. Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

We are also able to make bespoke, custom covers if you don't see your boat listed - we'll just need some measurements from you and we can provide an easy to follow form for you to complete.

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Bill Stinson
Bill Stinson

June 17, 2020

I own a much-love SeaSpray catamaran which I am in the process of refurbishing. I’ve redone the decks and I’m looking for a full breathable cover that goes over both hulls and is supported by the boom and extends to the transoms. For over-winter storage, I’ll remove the varnished rudders so I don’t need to cover those. The SeaSpray (no longer in production; originally made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is 15 ft long and has a beam of 6 ft 6 in. I’m wondering how best to prevent snow and rain to get in through the holes for the stays?? Photos of the SeaSpray can be found online. Might there be an off-the-shelf cover that would fit my boat? Can you estimate the cost of fabricating a breathable cover please? The boat has green decks and white hulls. I would prefer a cover in blue. Let me know if there’s anything else you need to know.
Many thanks,

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