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March 29, 2023 1 min read

Why You Should Be Using Dyneema Shockcord

Shockcord is used on every single sailing dinghy or catamaran. Whether that be for holding your centreboard up or down to your toe straps up in the air, and a take-up system for your control lines and trapeze line.

Standard Shockcord (Elastic or Bungee) is made up of a braided polyester cover. This is very good for general applications around your boat. When you want the shockcord to be most effective with a purchase or take-up system this can have some issues with the shockcord breaking and chaffing.

Dyneema Shockcord has a braided Dyneema cover that is made from SK75 Dyneema. The Dyneema cover makes the outer jacket more durable and UV resistant and lower friction over standard shockcord making the shockcord and systems run better for longer.

Standard Shockcord gets to a point where it snaps due to only stretching close to the point of use. Dyneema shockcord spreads the load over a larger surface area. This is especially good for trapeze take-up systems. The combination between lower friction and a large area of stretch over the system lowers the chance of breakage and the need to replace it as often.

Dyneema Shockcord is available in 4mm and 5mm