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March 05, 2020 3 min read

What We'll Be Wearing at the Start of the Sailing Season

The start of the sailing season is now not far away and no doubt you'll be digging your kit bag out very soon to work out what you have left and what still fits from last years sailing.

In this guide we're going to work from head to toe explaining what our first choice of sailing clothing is likely to be at the end of March when we hit the water.


Keep your head and toes warm and the rest of your body will follow.

For the head we recommend either the Zhik Beanie or Zhik Superwarm headband. My personal preference is the Zhik Beanie as it's not only available in various colours but it also keeps all of your head covered and has a nice fleece lining.

Explore the sailing headwear options.

Zhik Beanie


The top is where I usually layer up, this obviously depends on the conditions on the day but I would straight away be reaching into my bag to find my fleece lined Hydrophobic top. Warm, stretchy and very comfortable it's one of my most worn items of kit, unless it's very warm in the heat of summer.

Next I would be looking at a Superwarm top to go over the top and to hold the heat in and keep the water out. My Superwarm top choice is the Superwarm X.

If it's a very wet or windy day I would also take a spray top with me, we sail quite a fast boat which can create quite a bit of spray and wind chill so I always like that added layer of protection. The Zhik Breathable Dinghy Smock is a great addition to any kit bag and can slot over the top of everything to add another layer of warmth.

Explore our sailing tops

Zhik Hydrophobic Fleece Top

Zhik Spray Top


For my hands I like warmth and also grip. I've found the Showa 451 Grip gloves to be great in the colder months, they are thermal and also have really good grip.


For the start of the season for me there is no debate, it would have to be the Zhik Superwarm X skiff suit.

For years I battled with drysuits and got fed up of ripping a neck, wrist of foot every March and October when I dusted it off. Since I've moved over to the Superwarm I've not looked back. I can move easily, it's warm (clues in the name) and there isn't extra bag to get caught when making fast manoeuvres around and across the boat.

The extra benefit is that the suit drys very quickly and it also takes the sweat and moisture away from my body. You'll really notice the quick drying if you're going sailing two days in a row, who remembers that cold wetsuit the next morning?

Explore Zhik Superwarm.

Zhik Superwarm X Skiff Suit


Zhik Superwarm socks to keep my feet warm and snug. The glued and stitched seams mean the water doesn't run through the sock so if you make a seal between the sock and skiff suit legs. Then you can go into the water with no water running inside your wetsuit - bonus!

On top of the Superwarm socks for me it's the Zhik 270 sailing boot. The 270 is 4mm thick so provides extra warmth over the 470 boot which is 2mm thick.

Zhik 270 sailing boots

Other Options

There are other options available, for example you could change the Superwarm X clothing out for a Superwarm V. The Superwarm V is still a great suit but is built to be for a lower price point so doesn't have as many features.


If you've got questions about any of the sailing clothing we sell at Sailing Chandlery then please do give us a call, we're always happy to talk through the various options available and will provide excellent advice for your sailing situation.

You can reach me on 07793 953564.