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October 18, 2021 2 min read

5 Ways You Can Look After Your Sailing Kit

When you spend a reasonable amount of money on your sailing kit looking after it makes sense and can make it last longer keeping you protected for longer.

Here are 5 ways we recommend for making your sailing kit last longer.

1. Dunk In A Bucket Of Water After Use

After you have finished using your sailing kit for the day dunk in a bucket with clean, cold and freshwater to remove any salt, dirt and grit. Do not use hot water as it can decrease the flexibility and longevity of the neoprene. Furthermore, we recommend you do not use any cleaning chemicals as some harsh chemicals can start to eat away at the neoprene and stitching over time.

2. Laying Your Wetsuit Over A Hanger From The Waist Down

This might seem counterproductive for getting your wetsuit dry but it is so you don't damage the shoulders of your wetsuit. A wet wetsuit is very heavy and leaving it hanging for long periods will stretch the shoulders and push the wetsuit out of shape.

You'll have to ensure you rotate your wetsuit as it dries to make sure it dries in all areas but this will save your wetsuit and keep it in shape for that perfect fit.

3. Dry It In The Shade

UV rays can damage the neoprene affecting the structural integrity and making it age over time. Drying your wetsuit in the shade will protect the neoprene from going hard and being prone to tearing when in action on the water.

4. Attach Loose Velcro and Secure Zips

We've all opened our kit bag and had various items stuck together. Velcro is strong and sticks to a lot of things, usually the wrong thing... If it does stick to the inside of your wetsuit it could cause damage. If you re-attach your velcro and secure the zips to where they should be it lowers the chance of them catching on other parts of your sailing clothing and causing damage. 

5. Don't Leave In Bags For Long Periods Of Time 

Leaving your sailing kit in a bag after a long weekend on the water may not seem so bad but leaving it screwed up and wet can lead to it beginning to smell and could even cause bacteria to grow and metal zips to go rusty.

Rinse your kit as soon as you can after taking it off, only leave your stuff in the bag for the journey home and hang the items up to dry as soon as possible.