4mm Dyneema Rope

4mm dyneema rope is one of our best sellers here at Sailing Chandlery. Whether you are looking for a 12 strand 4mm dyneema rope, or a rope with a hard wearing polyester jacket and dyneema core you'll find all the options you need.

Dyneema is a fibre that was developed years ago and has quickly become to go to rope product for a number of applications, also replacing wire in some instances. Dyneema is lightweight, high strength, water resistant and is also great against UV rays your boat will be exposed to.

We’ve ordered these 4mm rope options by the best selling. Evolution Race remains a firm favourite not only because of the colour choices but also because it’s Dyneema core is easy to taper and work with. From our 12 strand Dyneema options Compact Braid is slightly harder to work with but is very hard wearing, ideal for purchase systems. 4mm Dyneema SK78 rope is also a 12 strand Dyneema and is easier to splice.

We’re keen to ensure you get the right rope the first time so please do get in touch if you have questions, our friendly team are here to help.