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September 11, 2017 2 min read

Zhik P2 PFD Buoyancy Aid

The Zhik PFD buoyancy aid range has been a product which continues to sell all year round. The standard PFD is available in 6 different colours with the black and cyan colours leading the way.

In September 2016 Zhik launched a new PFD, the P2 PFD buoyancy aid which has been designed to allow freedom of movement with each panel intended to move with the body. This new P2 is now available in two colours, black and a new hi-vis colour.

If you look at the Zhik PFD buoyancy aid range you'll see the differences between the products straight away. The P2 PFD automatically looks less bulky than its older counterpart.

The new Zhik P2 Personal Flotation Device is an ultra light and slim buoyancy aid designed to sit close to the body. Designed to allow freedom of movement with each panel intended to move with your body. It's also designed with thinner profiles on the back and spine which make it easier for you to get under the boom and into tight spaces. Ideal if you are sailing a moth or something like a contender where there is little space under the boom.

The P2 PFD has the added benefit of being compatible with the Zhik Kollition impact protection pads. These small and bright pads insert into pockets on the front and back of the P2. On top of this there is also space for storage in the pockets once the pads have been added. As well as the two chest pads you can also insert a spine pad which slips down into the lining of the buoyancy aid. 

The inner lining of the Zhik P2 PFD is constructed with a high quality perforated mesh that is soft and provides airflow. The standard non slip grip is also stitched into the hem to stop the PFD riding up when you are in the water, this is a feature which is already available on the normal Zhik PFD. The P2 buoyancy aid is also EN ISO 12402-5 certified.

Zhik P2 PFD Features

  • Low profile
  • Quick drainage
  • Easy access pocket openings
  • Kollition Impact padding compatible (not included)
  • Ergonomic profile, moves with your body
  • Side zipper entry

Colour Options

Now for the tricky bit.... Which colour?

As I said above, the P2 PFD is available in two different colours at the moment, standard black and then the hi-vis colour. Take a look by using the links below.

Black Zhik P2 PFD Buoyancy Aid

Hi-Vis Zhik P2 PFD Buoyancy Aid

View all Zhik buoyancy aids

Benefits over a normal PFD

So you are probably thinking, the Zhik PFD is already great, why the P2 PFD?

  • Better flexibility
  • Better movement
  • Impact protection compatible
  • Quick drainage

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