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February 26, 2018 2 min read

Have Zhik solved the sailing glove issue for the sailing community?

We sent sponsored sailor Jason Rickards a pair of the new Zhik sailing gloves to test on his Musto Skiff. Here is what he had to say about them after testing for two days in February at Datchet Water.

Product Review

I had the privilege and pleasure of testing the new Zhik G2 long finger sailing glove which are also available as a short finger version.

I have been sailing pretty much all my life and always struggled with sailing gloves. They are either:

  • Too grippy
  • Not grippy enough
  • Too stiff with no flex
  • Uncomfortable
  • The velcro strap to secure the glove always seems to come undone
  • The cut off point on the fingers never seem to be cut at the right point

I could go on but I think the main issue is longevity and value for money.

Initial Thoughts

From just feeling and looking at these new sailing gloves I kind of knew they where going to be special and I was in for a treat. The thing that stood out for me was the stylish looking and pre-shaped hand pattern of the gloves.

Other Glove Features

  • Re-inforced palm and finger panelling
  • Durable kevlar stitching
  • Offset panelling in key areas to eliminate traditional pressure points caused by seams
  • Durable abrasion resistant outer face padding and grip that extends further up the fingers to suit both small and large diameter ropes

Testing Conditions

I tested these gloves in -2 wind chill with 18 - 25 knots of breeze and at not one point did my hands feel cold and at some points I forgot I hand them on they fitted that well.

In terms of rope control it seems the softness of the glove allows great control of the mainsheet with enough grip but not to much to allow the rope to run through your hand with control and I never felt I was physically over gripping the rope.

The Velcro locking strap around my wrist did not once come undone, it’s a clever idea that incorporates a double velcro fastener so the glove always stays tight around your wrist and secure.

In terms of longevity I used these for around 7 hours over the weekend and there is no sign of wear and the Musto Skiff is pretty harsh on gloves so I am confident that you would easily get a good season out of these possibly more.


In short a great all round glove which has massively surprised me and how they performed in the harsh condition they were tested in. A great all round glove.

Musto Skiff 315

Purchase the Gloves

We'll start selling the new Zhik gloves at the RYA Dinghy Show this weekend.

Short Finger Zhik Sailing Gloves