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November 08, 2019 2 min read

#FridayFocus: Zhik PowerPads III

This week we're looking at a product that's been so popular neither Sailing Chandlery or Zhik have been able to keep stock continuously this year. We do now have stock but Christmas is coming and these are going to be on every hiking sailors xmas list.

Introducing the Zhik PowerPads III or 3. These are an evolution of the PowerPad II which Zhik set the standard for hiking pads with.

Zhik PowerPads

What's New?

For the 2019 edition Zhik have focussed on the fit, a few customers used to find that the silicone rings inside the PowerPad 2 used to help but wouldn't keep the pads secure while sailing.

The new addition of velcro around the pad allows the sailor to tighten them for an exact fit, adding a fitting guide and clearer size chart is also going to help ensure you get the best out of a pair of Zhik PowerPads.

The last thing they've done is to add reinforcement in high wear areas to ensure the hiking pads are long lasting.

Key Features

  • Even better fit, sit close to your legs and can be tightened using the velcro
  • Totally adjustable
  • Durable slim profile with 4x batten pads that conform to your leg
  • Optional EVA padding for extra height off the deck if needed
  • Reinforcement in high wear areas for added durability
  • Works under any Zhik wetsuit

Fitting Guide

Have a look at the PowerPad fitting guide so you know the measurements you need to take to get the best fit.

Explore the product on our website - 



If you've got questions about the Zhik PowerPads then please do get in touch with your team, we're always happy to help and answer your questions.