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November 14, 2019 1 min read

#FridayFocus: Clamcleat® Auto Release Cleat CL-257

#FridayFocus this week looks at the Clamcleat Auto Release Cleat, the CL-257 which auto releases when pressure hits the rope.

This cleat is extremely popular on sailing dinghies predominantly for the rudder, if you were to hit the bottom then the cleat would release allowing your rudder the flex to rise, rather than damaging it.

How it Works

As you can see in the video the cam is also adjustable so you can tweak the sensitivity of the cleat and when it releases.

The cleat is suitable for ropes between 4mm and 6mm thickness, we recommend a soft rope such as an Evolution Performance which will grip into the cleat nicely.

You could also consider installing this cleat for your centreboard if that needs securing down.


If you've got questions about the Clamcleat CL-257 auto release cleat then please do get in touch with your team, we're always happy to help and answer your questions.