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November 22, 2019 1 min read

#FridayFocus: Evolution Splice 12 Strand Rope

This week we take a look at a product which can be used in a number of different ways, it's not one of our most popular ropes but we're sure you'll love it.

Evolution Splice is made by Kingfisher Yacht Ropes and is a 12 strand single braid polyester rope. As a 12 strand hollow braid rope it has many applications, the application we use it most for is halyard tails.

Many sailing dinghies have a wire halyard which is secured to the mast to keep the sail up, before you get to that point you might have a 3 strand rope attached. Rope against wire doesn't end well and we're sure you would have had to replace the rope tail on your halyard a few times.

Evolution Splice rope is easy to splice (clues in the name) and is strong enough to act as your next rope halyard tail. You can quickly create a dyneema locking splice and taper the end in, we personally find this quicker than a 3 strand splice.

The rope is available in:

As well as tails this rope can also be used for general lashes and control lines. Average breaking strains vary from 350kg to 760kg.