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October 21, 2019 2 min read

Our Top 5 Christmas Sailing Gifts

Okay, we've done it, we've said the big C word in October, it seems too early to me but we do see customers asking us about Christmas presents and starting their shopping in October.

In this article we are going to have a look at our range of sailing gifts we have available and our top 5 recommended sailing gifts your sailor will love.

Top 5 Sailing Gifts

#1 - Sailing Mug

We are biased because we created them but our number one sailing gift would be a Sailing Chandlery mug. Printed on a quality mug are a number of popular sailing phrases which will make your sailor laugh or think of a recent sailing situation that relates.

Mugs available:

#2 - Sailing Knife

A useful tool for any sailor, we have a good selection of sailing knives available including our most popular floating knife.

#3 - Rash Vest

Available from Magic Marine and Zhik we have a fantastic range of short sleeve and long sleeve rash vests in various colours.

A rash vest can be used all year round but mostly in the warmer months to keep the run away from the sailors body.

Shop Rash Vests and Over Tops

#4 - Zhik G2 Long Finger Sailing Gloves

Warm, comfortable and long lasting, exactly what you want from a pair of sailing gloves. We've had nothing but great feedback from customers and our sponsored sailors on these gloves, especially in the colder months.

Shop Zhik G2 Long Finger Sailing Gloves

#5 - Zhik Sailing Visor

Popular all year round and a product you'll see on many sailors the Zhik Sailing Visor is available in various colours. Comfortable and designed to take the sweat away from the sailors head. It comes complete with a 2:1 adjustment so the sailor can get the exact fit they need.

Colours available:

Bonus Item - Sailing Gift Voucher

If you can't choose what to buy then why not let the sailor choose?

Our sailing gift vouchers are professionally designed and will be delivered quickly to your door. We can also provide digital vouchers if you would prefer that are sent either to you or the person receiving the gift.

They are quickly cashed in through our online store by entering the unique code while at the checkout.

Shop by Budget

If you've got a budget in mind then we've set up easy to navigate budget sailing gift pages so you can review what fits into your shopping budget.