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June 06, 2023 3 min read

What's included with a new Devoti ILCA sailing dinghy?

We appreciate that buying a new boat can be a bit daunting, and you want to make sure you know exactly what you are getting with your new Devoti ILCA purchase.

Here at Sailing Chandlery we are a UK Devoti dealer and can supply you with a brand new Devoti ILCA sailing dinghy collected from us, or delivered direct to your front door or sailing club.

Here is what's included with any new boat:

  • Devoti ILCA Hull
  • Lower mast
  • Carbon upper mast
  • Boom
  • ILCA Sail + numbers
  • Battens
  • Carbon tiller and extension
  • Rudder head and rudder blade
  • Daggerboard
  • All deck fittings
  • Full Harken block/pulley kit which includes 8:1 downhaul
  • 57mm Harken ratchet block
  • All the ropes you need


Devoti brand their Devoti ILCA hulls as technically better. They've put hours into development of the hull shape and have perfected every area to ensure their ILCA hulls are competitive at the top level. There's a reason the Devoti ILCA is chosen by many World and Olympic medalists.

ILCA Mast and Boom

As standard the Devoti ILCA comes with a carbon top mast, metal lower and metal boom.

If you would prefer we can supply a metal upper mast too. If you are sailing an ILCA 7 we recommend a carbon top mast as the pressure on the sail will bend metal masts over time.

Many ILCA 6 sailors upgrade to a carbon lower mast as well.

ILCA Sail and Accessories

Our Devoti ILCA sails come with the ILCA logo and the plastic button to make them ILCA class legal. The size of sail will depend on the type of boat you would require, the ILCA 4 is the smallest, ILCA 6 is in the middle and the ILCA 7 is a mark 2 sail design with upgraded battens.

Sail numbers and tell tales are also provided with a new boat.

ILCA Deck Fittings and Blocks

As standard the Devoti ILCA comes with Harken hardware.

This includes:

  • Mainsheet block
  • Traveller block
  • Boom blocks
  • Deck cleats
  • Bottom of mast blocks
  • Downhaul blocks to make an 8:1 system
  • Outhaul blocks

Our ILCA Dinghy Packages

We've prepared custom Devoti ILCA dinghy packages which include a breathable boat cover and also a launching trolley. We feel these are essentials to storing your new ILCA and also getting it in and out of the water.

Our breathable covers are made from Polycotton, a breathable material which is a mixture of polyester and cotton. All covers come with a 3 year warranty.

We provide a Mersea Trailers stackable launching trolley with our ILCA boat packages, these are long lasting and hard wearing.

ILCA Popular Extras

Our new boat customers choose a number of different upgrades or additional items, here is a list of some of the most popular items we think you might like with your new Devoti ILCA:

  • ILCA 6 carbon lower mast
  • Road trailer
  • Under cover
  • Rig package for another rig
  • Foil bag
  • Push button quick release kicker pin
  • Downhaul hook
  • Zhik Grip II hiking strap
  • Hiking strap adjustment kit

Want to talk options?

Our friendly team have sold and delivered hundreds of boats to customers all over the UK. We are happy to talk through the options for your new ILCA sailing dinghy.

Give us a call on 01268 222912