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June 28, 2022 3 min read

What We Will Be Wearing On The Water This Year

If you phone or email into Sailing Chandlery you are likely to reach Jason, outside of work you can see him on the water either on his Laser or Sprint 15.

Spending lots of time on the water Jason has a varied kit bag, here are his top items for this years sailing.

Skiff Suit 

Superwarm X Skiff for all year round and Micro-fleece V Pants for the warmer days on the water.


I have been sailing in the Zhik Superwarm X skiff suit for the last 4 years and here are a few reasons why I love it. At the time I purchased this wetsuit I was looking for a suit that would work for me all year round in my previous job teaching watersports on the Isle Of Wight.

Things I Like About My Superwarm X,

  • Versatility, I can wear the suit all year round and just change the top layers I would like to use on that day of sailing. From my spandex top to my smock.

    • Durability, Sailing kit will last a long time if it is taken care of. Regular washing and not leaving in a sailing bag for days is just the start of how you should look after your kit. I have had my suit for the last 4 years and roughly 360 days on the water to date. The Zhik tex II backside and knee protection is a game-changer, the durability on the knees and the back side is superior to all of my previous wetsuits.

    • Convenient Loo Rip for relief on the water

    • Warm and cool all at once. What I mean by this is the ability to change tops and base layers to suit the weather and sea state on that day. The Superwarm X is also made with a moisture-wicking fabric that works to move moisture away from your body to keep you warm or cool.

      Over Tops

      Superwarm X Top

      This goes hand in hand with the Skiff suit. The Superwarm X top allows great flexibility and the ability to have different layers for different weather conditions. In the winter I add another layer below and on a cold and windy day I add another on top.

      Dinghy Smock

      An over top for the wetsuit that provides wind and water protection. Zhiks Performance Smock is lightweight with a large pocket.

      Hydrophobic Fleece

      The ultimate base layer to keep you warm on the water in all conditions. Soft on the skin and stretchy for the perfect fit.

      Boots  - Zhik 560 boots

      The Zhik 560 boots are a part of the grip II hiking boot range. The addition of the grip on the top of the foot is essential for extended hiking sessions on the water. As I find myself regularly sailing hiking boats these are great for me. The best part of the boots is how flexible and comfortable they are yet still being supportive with the ankle strap.

      PFD - Spinlock Wing Black

      PFDs are an essential part of your sailing kit to ensure your safety and finding one that fits you correctly is very important.

      Some PFDs can feel very large and bully for dinghy sailing but the Spinlock Wing is a low profile and tapered high cut design that allows great mobility and fit. Adjustable side straps and internal grip help you get a fit that holds to your body.


      Gloves - G2 Long Finger Gloves

      The Zhik G2 Gloves are Zhik's most advanced gloves to date. Featuring Kevlar stitching, extended reinforcement to the palm and finger panelling to suit rope of all diameters. Ready for any high-performance dinghy or yacht sailing you will be doing.



      Want a recommendation for your sailing? Get in touch today and we can guide you to the best product for your sailing.