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January 11, 2022 3 min read

What Do You Get In A Kingfisher Dinghy Splicing Kit

The Kingfisher Dinghy Splicing Kit is a great introduction to splicing for people of all ages. It includes all of the essential tools you will need to start splicing in a bag.

Splicing isn't just to make the rope look cleaner it makes the rope perform better so you get the best out of your boat. Splicing Dyneema helps it retain its breaking load and stay as a loop whereas a knot can come undone and won't give you that peace of mind.

What is Included in the Kit?

Marker Pen

This is more important than you might think. It can be used to mark out where you plan on splicing the line so you can make sure your end product will be the correct length.


A really handy bit of kit, this is used to temporarily hold the ends of your rope together whilst making your splices. Hot sealed ends need to be cut in order to make your splicing as easy as possible.

Sail Makers Needles Pack of 5

The needles are used for whipping and stitching which gives an extra support for the line. We highly recommend using this method. Sail Makers Needles are very strong and come in a pack of 5 with a range of different sizes. A fundamental part of finishing off that perfect splice.

Whipping Twine

Using whipping twine can be a fantastic way of adding extra strength and to support the splices keeping them in place. Twine can also be used to give additional support to a hot sealed rope end using a whipping method which will prevent the rope from fraying.

Sail Maker Palm

A personal favourite and a necessity when putting whips and stitches in your rope. Made to fit over your thumb with the solid ring on the palm which can then be used to place your needle end on, using your hand you then push the needle through large or stiff rope easily with no damage or injury to your hand.

D Splicer Scissors

The D16 Scissors are extremely sharp and are designed to cut dyneema fibres, far superior to normal everyday scissors. It is virtually impossible to cut through certain rope materials without these. When tapering rope down these are a vital bit of equipment.

Selma Fid 4mm and 5.5mm

There are different ways in which a fid can be used, the most common way is to push through the centre of the line pulling through the tail end of the rope. Another option that can be used as an alternative to using a splicing needle, is to use the fid to pull the tail end of the rope through the core of a hollow braid rope. 

D Splicer Splicing Needles

Splicing needles can be used to pull tail ends down the core of your ropes, I personally favour this method and find it much more effective. The D splicer needs allow you to insert the end of the rope, it then grips the rope as you smoothly slide it down the inside of your rope. Your kit comes with 2 different sizes recommended for rope diameters up to 4mm. Larger sizes are available separately.

Splicing Kit Questions?

If you have any questions about the Kingfisher Dinghy Splicing Kit then please do get in touch with our helpful team.