January 25, 2021 1 min read

Topper Harken Blocks

The Topper sailing dinghy is one of the most popular sailing dinghies, you won't have to visit many sailing clubs before you find one sitting in the dinghy park. The Topper is one of the most popular youth sailing classes with lots of youngsters in the UK sailing the dinghy.

In this article we take a look at the Harken blocks which are used on the Topper and direct you straight to the product pages for your replacement pulley blocks.

You can explore all of the blocks and other items suitable for the Topper on our dedicated page.

Topper Pulley Blocks

 System Block Part Number Product Link
Mainsheet 348 https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/harken-29mm-carbo-air-block
Mainsheet 352 https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/harken-29mm-90-degree-block
Mainsheet 2146 https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/harken-t2-soft-attach-carbo-29mm-block
Mainsheet 2135 https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/harken-57mm-carbo-ratchet-block
Kicker 340 https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/harken-29mm-carbo-air-block-with-swivel
Kicker 2657 https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/harken-40mm-fiddle-block-with-swivel-and-cam-cleat
Downhaul 228 https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/harken-triple-22mm-block
Downhaul 230 https://www.sailingchandlery.com/products/harken-triple-22mm-block-with-cam-cleat

Other Useful Topper Links

Topper Rope Pack

Topper Rope Lengths

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