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February 17, 2021 2 min read

Catamaran Trampoline Covers

Want to protect your catamarans trampoline from the elements but don't need a full boat cover?

The Sailing Chandlery team can make a cover for your trampoline that will keep it covered up, away from the rain and sunshine helping it to last longer.

Our trampoline covers are available in PVC (blue or grey) or a breathable polycotton material.

Key Cover Features

  • Soft webbing straps
  • Easy to clip together buckles
  • Loop in the centre to prevent water from pooling
  • Protection around shroud areas
  • Extra material to wrap around the mast foot

All of our sails and covers are made in the UK from the best materials.

Which Cover Material is Best?

Our PVC is guaranteed for 5 years and the material has a weight of 460grams per sqm making it tough and hard wearing.

Polycotton is a breathable material that's a mixture of polyester and cotton, the air flows freely through the cover until it gets wet which makes the cotton swell to close the gaps and keep the water out. As the cover dries the cotton shrinks again allowing the air to move freely.

The polycotton is going to be the best for your boat as it allows the air to flow and prevents moisture underneath the cover. If your boats hulls don't

Explore Our Catamaran Covers

We list a number of catamaran boat covers on our website. Any of these can be made as a full covers or as trampoline covers.

Don't see the boat you are looking for? Get in touch, we can make any cover if you are able to provide us with some measurements.

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