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October 07, 2022 2 min read

Top 3 Winter Sailing Gloves 

Finding the right winter sailing gloves for sailing in the colder months used to be very difficult, with limited options most of the neoprene gloves were windsurfing gloves with little to no grip on them and became very uncomfortable after wearing them for long periods of time.

Below are 3 different winter sailing gloves that take 3 different approaches to keeping your hands warm during the winter months and colder days on the water.

Gill 3 Seasons 

The Gill 3 Season Gloves are constructed from 2mm neoprene flexible enough to have great dexterity but enough protection to keep your hands warm and protected from the cold water. These pre shaped gloves reduce strain on your arms. The seams are integrated in lower traffic areas of the gloves to keep them from irritating your hands. Extended cuffs give you the ability to tuck them under other layers. The 3 seasons gloves are currently the only gloves in this class to have the same grip as your standard sailing gloves and the warmth of the neoprene winter sailing glove.


Zhik Superwarm Gloves

The Zhik Superwarm gloves are the warmest winter sailing gloves around. The Superwarm gloves are constructed from the same super stretch thermal neoprene as the Superwarm wetsuits. The hydrophobic water repellent outer and glued and blind stitched seams keep the water out. These gloves are not made for intense rope work, they are better suited to use on a day boat when on the tiller.

They can be used for rope work if they are combined with a pair of Tactical gloves that go over the top of the Superwarm gloves to protect them from wear. The grippy palms of the Superwarm gloves grip on to the inside of the Tactical gloves and the extra layers hold in the heat. 

Zhik Superwarm Gloves

Showa 451

The Showa 451 are constructed from knitted cotton and polyester with a thermal lining. The seamless design and flexible constitution makes them incredibly skin friendly. The latex grip is shaped to the shape of your hand this in combination with the elasticated wrist give a snug dynamic fit.

The Showa 451 gloves were not originally designed for sailing they were made for building sites in the colder winter months. This made them great for sailing as they were designed for great grip in the wet and the dry whilst keeping your hands warm. These gloves are a great competitive price being almost 10% of the price of other winter sailing gloves.

Showa 451 Thermal Sailing Gloves