December 29, 2020 1 min read

The Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness is Back for 2021

We're very excited by a product that's coming back from Zhik in 2021, that product is the Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness.

Over the years we've fallen in love with the T2 harness, both my wife and I have worn these since they were introduced and it's by far the most comfortable trapeze harness I've ever worn. No straps, a comfortable nappy style and with velcro adjustment which can be tailored by the millimetre.... On top of all that the harness is a hard wearing bit of kit, mine is from 2010 and is still going strong after 10 years of Tornado sailing around the World.

Over those 10 years many of our sailing friends have asked about the best harness, we've simply handed ours to them to go out sailing and try. Every single person who has tried the harness has purchased one from us when they returned to shore.

The 2021 version comes with some new graphics introducing the Zhik Lime Green colour scheme.

Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness Key Features

  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Easy to unclip heavy duty plastic buckle
  • Integrated spreader bar
  • Lumbar support pad that can be moved up and down
  • Stretchy crotch material with excellent comfort
  • Velcro adjustment on each side of the harness so you can get that perfect fit
  • Kevlar reinforcement in the backside of the harness

We're sure that you won't be disappointed by the updated version of the T2 harness.

We expect the harness to be available towards the end of February.

Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness

Zhik T2 Trapeze Harness Photos

Zhik T2 Trapeze HarnessZhik T2 Trapeze Harness - BackZhik T2 Trapeze Harness - Crotch AreaZhik T2 Trapeze Harness - HookZhik T2 Harness - BuckleZhik T2 Harness - Hardwearing Backside

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