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May 15, 2020 2 min read

Safety on the Water

We're excited to see that Government rules in the UK are starting to relax and that some clubs are letting their members get back on the water.

Obviously many clubs are keeping their doors closed, or are restricting areas within the club to protect other members.

All clubs I've seen which are allowing sailing are putting the emphasis back on the member/sailor to take the responsibility for their safety. There is unlikely to be too many other members around and certainly there will be no racing or support boats over the next few weeks.

With this in mind my thoughts jump to safety. It's important to ensure you are looking after yourself, you may be itching to get back in the boat but if the conditions are not right, you shouldn't go.

Top Tips

  • Is your boat in a good condition? Rigged correctly? Has anything deteriorated over the winter?
  • Have you checked the forecast?
  • What is the tide doing?
  • Are the conditions suitable for your skill level, boat and location?
  • Have you let someone know your plans so they can raise the alarm if the plan isn't followed?
  • Take a communication device with you
  • Take plenty of water and maybe some food

Please don't take this list as all the things you need to check. Please follow advice from the RYA and Government and use your common sense.

Safety Equipment

Have you thought about some additional items which might be of use to you if you are sailing by yourself?

  • Dry Bag - could be useful to store a mobile phone or some food
  • Paddle - if the wind drops off this will get you to a shore
  • Whistle - great for attracting attention
  • Rescue knife - always handy to hand
  • Sailing hat - protect yourself from the sun
  • Suncream - lets hope there is sun so you can make use of this

If you are planning on placing an order why not add a note to your order to request a Sailing Chandlery water bottle and we'll throw one in for you.

Have Fun and Enjoy

If you are going out on the water we hope you have loads of fun! Tag Sailing Chandlery or use #sailingchandlery on your social media posts.