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April 01, 2020 2 min read

New Laser Dinghy for 2020?

Are you looking for a new Laser Dinghy for 2020? You've come to the right place. Here at Sailing Chandlery as a Laser Performance authorised dealer we're here to help you create the ultimate boat package for your sailing needs.

We appreciate buying a new Laser can be quite daunting and we want to ensure you are comfortable in your purchase with the all of the essential information to hand.

New Laser Options

Unfortunately with the "discussion" between ILCA and Laser Performance we are no longer able to supply class legal Laser dinghies to you. However, there is a brand new club version of the Laser available which we're sure you'll love for your club and local sailing.

Club Laser Rigs

The club Laser dinghy is available in the same rig sizes as the class legal Laser:

  • Laser 4.7 - suitable for people 35-55kgs
  • Laser Radial - suitable for people 55-70kgs
  • Laser Standard - suitable for people 70-95kgs

Some customers like to have two of three rigs with their new Laser dinghy purchase and we would be happy to quote for more than one rig.

The club Laser comes with a class compliant sail and with no World Sailing boat plaque on the boat.

The Ultimate Laser Boat Package

You can buy a boat individually, or you can have a look at one of our boat packages. As standard Laser Performance would quote you for only the hull and items to get the boat moving on the water.

Packages are available from Sailing Chandlery in various forms but one we are currently offering is the Ultimate Laser Boat Package which includes the boat, launching trolley, cover, carbon top mast, XD kit, spar carrier, foil bag and more.

Accessories and Extras

We see the following accessories being popular with new boat purchases:

  • Over covers
  • Under covers
  • Spar carriers
  • Road trailers
  • Sail bags
  • Foil bags
  • Additional rigs

We're happy to add any of these, or any additional items into your boat quote.

How to Get a Quote

The best way to get an accurate quote for your new Laser dinghy is to give us a call. You can reach Andrew on 07793 953564. By having a call we can work through the options and ask any questions we might have.

You can also drop us an email info@sailingchandlery.com

Boat Collection or Delivery

We offer a few options when it comes to getting the boat to you:

  • We can arrange delivery of the boat to you, either at your sailing club, or your house
  • You can collect from us in Benfleet, Essex
  • You can collect direct from Laser Performance in Northampton

Other Boats

Laser Performance have a range of boats for you whether you're a beginner or expert. They also build the following boats which Sailing Chandlery can provide a quotation for:

  • Laser Pico
  • Laser Bug
  • Laser Vago
  • Laser Bahia
  • Sunfish
  • Laser Z420
  • Dart 16