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Marlow Ropes for your Laser Sailing Dinghy

January 24, 2019 2 min read

Marlow Ropes for your Laser Sailing Dinghy

You've got your Laser but you need some new ropes to get it up to perfect racing condition.

Here are the sailing ropes from Marlow that we would recommend for your boat:

  • Mainsheet - 6mm Marlow Excel Fusion
  • Traveller - 4mm Marlow Max D12 Dyneema
  • Kicker Primary - 4mm Marlow R8
  • Kicker Secondary - 3mm D12 Dyneema
  • Downhaul Primary - 4mm Marlow Excel Racing
  • Downhaul Secondary - 4mm D12 Dyneema
  • Outhaul Primary - 4mm Marlow Excel Racing
  • Outhaul Secondary - 3mm D12 Dyneema

About the Marlow Ropes

Sailing Chandlery have stocked products from Marlow Ropes since the beginning, in fact our business started with an initial rope delivery from Marlow back when we were called Dinghy Rope (re branded to Sailing Chandlery in 2018).

With Marlow you can expect quality and innovative design, all of their ropes are also made in the UK.

6mm Marlow Excel Fusion

Used by many of the British Sailing Team this dyneema core rope is soft on the hands and is lightweight.

Having a 6mm mainsheet means that it moves through the blocks quickly and with little friction, some sailors prefer a larger sheet so you could step up to a 7mm if that's your preference.

6mm Marlow Excel Fusion

4mm Marlow D12 Max 78 Dyneema

Stronger than a normal D12 dyneema because it's been pre stretched and heat treated. This rope is slightly stiffer and comes with minimal creep.

The rope is lightweight and remains that way because it doesn't absorb water. This dyneema also comes with Marlow ArmourCoat which will increase the life of the rope by reducing UV and abrasion fatigue.

4mm Marlow D12 Max 78 Dyneema

4mm Marlow R8

New for 2018 the Marlow R8 rope product uses a dyneema SK78 core with an 8 plait cover made from Technora aramid and polyester.

This rope construction means you get excellent grip when wet and a hardwearing rope with great strength and low stretch. The hardwearing part is perfect for the kicker which has lots of pressure and is constantly adjusted.

4mm Marlow R8

3mm and 4mm D12 Dyneema

A bread and butter product for Marlow and one of their most popular. 3mm and 4mm D12 dyneema are 12 strand dyneema products which is ideal for purchase systems.

The added advantage of this dyneema is that it's easy to splice and work with.

3mm D12 Dyneema

4mm D12 Dyneema


4mm Marlow Excel Racing

A great all rounder, Marlow Excel Racing rope has a 12 strand colour matched dyneema core and a hard wearing cover. Ideal for control lines on your Laser which are constantly being adjusted.

4mm Marlow Excel Racing


As ever, if you have any questions about any of the ropes we stock here at Sailing Chandlery then please do get in touch, we're always happy to answer your questions.

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