June 26, 2019 2 min read

Laser Pico Mast

The Laser Pico is an extremely popular sailing dinghy which is perfect for sailors of all ages from beginners to experts.

The Laser Pico mast is made up of two anodised aluminium metal sections, the top and bottom. The Laser Pico top mast is the longer section with the bottom mast being shorter with the gooseneck. The two slot together easily to make the one mast section which the main sail slides over the top of.

Pico masts are very popular with our customers, purely due to the large number of Laser Picos sailing today. With the boats being used as training boats they see a harder life and the spars naturally wear.

Laser Pico Top Mast

Here are the key facts and information about the Laser Pico Top Mast.

  • Part number - 89005
  • Length - 3.6m
  • Width - 7cm
  • Weight - 3.2kgs

The Pico top mast contains a plug at the top, the join to secure the two sections together and also a loop for the jib to clip onto.

Laser Pico Mast - Top Section

Laser Pico Lower Mast

Here are the key facts and information about the Laser Pico Lower Mast.

  • Part number - 89016
  • Length - 2.26m
  • Width - 7cm
  • Weight - 3.6kgs

The Pico bottom mast section contains a bottom plug, the gooseneck, cleats for securing the halyards and fixings for the kicker to attach to.

Laser Pico Mast - Bottom Section


These items are long and awkward to ship, we work as hard as we can to find the lowest shipping prices but you can expect to pay around £50 for shipping depending on your location.

Local customers are welcome to collect spars directly from us, the top section will have to go on a roof rack but the bottom section will fit inside most cars.

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