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October 16, 2019 2 min read

Laser Masts and Spars

The beauty of the Laser sailing dinghy is that with a few different items you can convert the same hull from the smaller 4.7 rig, to a radial and then into the larger standard rig.

This conversion is completed by swapping out mast sections and sails to get to your ideal Laser rig for the conditions, your weight or your stage of sailing experience.

Laser Top Mast

The Laser top mast is the consistent part of the mast which you keep when you use all three of the Laser rigs.

There are two versions of the Laser top mast, the traditional aluminium version and then the newer, updated and longer lasting carbon top section.

Laser Bottom Mast

With the Laser bottom mast there are three options, all made from aluminium and this is what adjusts the mast height allowing for the 4.7, radial and standard rigs to be used on your Laser dinghy.

The standard and radial bottom sections are straight metal sections where the 4.7 has a slight bend in the section.

All of these sections fit into the mast base hole on the desk and the top section slots into these to make a complete Laser mast.

Laser Masts

You can view all of our available Laser masts on our dedicated collection page.


Unfortunately with the length of the mast sections they can be expensive to ship to you. Why not look out for which events we'll be at next or if you're local to Essex why not collect from us at a convenient time?


If you've got any questions about any of the Laser masts and spars mentioned in this article, or about anything else Laser related then give us a call, we are always happy to talk you through the options.