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November 11, 2022 2 min read

What Trolley Wheels Do I Need?

We often get asked why we have so many different types of wheels. The main reason is every club and centre, along with their members, have a different challenge when launching their boat. Whether that be a concrete slipway or a rocky beach, different wheels work better on different surfaces.

Will these fit my boat?

Most dinghy trolleys have a 1 inch/ 25mm axle, which is the standard size that trolleys come with. We also have the dimensions of the wheel on the product pages if you would like to measure and check if they will fit.

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Trolley Wheel Options

Pneumatic Wheels

These are the most affordable and most commonly seen wheel around the dinghy park. The Pneumatic wheel we stock is constructed from 4 ply rubber compound that is more resistant to wear and will last a lot longer than the cheaper 2-ply wheels found on eBay. The 2-ply version will crack and perish very quickly. Don't get caught out with poor-quality wheels as you will pay more in the long run and potentially be stranded.


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  • Good on most surfaces - if you spend time travelling to different clubs these are what I would go for as they work on every surface
  • Affordable - doesn't break the bank when purchasing a new pair
  • Your boat doesn't bounce around on the trolley over rough surfaces
  • 4 Ply Rubber for longevity and durability


    • Can get a puncture and could go flat
    • Works on most surfaces but not the best on every surface

    Starco Wheels Puncture Proof Wheels

    The Starco Puncture Proof wheels are a relatively new wheel. The wheels are constructed from plastic inner and foam tyre, making them lighter than inflatable wheels. The hard-wearing foam is great for wooden jetties or smooth slipways. However, on rough surfaces, these will struggle as they are solid and have no movement in the side of the tyre. 


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    • Don't go flat
    • Work great on flat and smooth surfaces with low rolling resistance
    • Available in Red and Orange 


    • No suspension of movement in tyre over rough surfaces
    • Poor over beaches and rocks
    • Foam not as durable as 4-ply rubber
    • Cost more than inflatable wheels

    Wide Pneumatic Wheels

    The Wide trolley wheels are custom wheels made for sailing trolleys. The standard trolley wheel centre with an ATV Tyre makes a great wheel for heavier boats and sandy beaches with a larger surface area they do not sink into the sand.

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    • Good for big dinghies and catamarans trolleys
    • Large surface area good for sand
    • 4 Ply Rubber for longevity and durability


    • More expensive than standard wheels
    • Heavier than most other wheels


    This is just a very quick overview of the wheels we sell. If you have additional questions please get in touch, our team are always happy to help.