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April 16, 2020 3 min read

7 Must Have Rope Splicing Tools for Splicing Rope

We do a reasonable amount of rope splicing for customers here at Sailing Chandlery and tend to use the same rope splicing tools most of the time.

Whether you want to add an eye splice into your ropes or you want to practice the latest splicing techniques here are our 7 must have rope splicing tools. These tools will allow you to get that essential rope work completed and to start splicing rope.

#1 - D Splicer Needle Set

One of our favourite splicing tools. The D splicer set comes with a handle and four different sized needles which can be easily changed depending on the size of rope you are dealing with.

Each needle has a wire loop where you can insert the end of the rope and gently pull it through up inside another rope, or through a rope.

D Splicer Needle Kit

If you didn't want to buy a full set of four needles they are available to buy individually with a plastic handle:

D-Splicer Fixed Needles

#2 - Selma 4mm Fid

This splicing fid is perfect for splicing braided and dyneema 12 strand ropes. This version supports ropes up to 4mm thick.

You can dig out cores from covers, feed ropes through themselves, and in some cases feed this fid down the inside of a dyneema core.

The fid also has a handy gripper which catches and holds the rope while you're working with it.

4mm Selma Splicing Fid

#3 - Selma 5.5mm Fid

The same as number #2 but this version supports ropes up to 5mm thick.

5.5mm Selma Splicing Fid

#4 - D Splicer Dyneema Scissors

Have you ever tried cutting dyneema with basic scissors? Did you chew through it making a real mess and it took forever?

With a set of D splicer scissors you'll be able to glide through 12 strand dyneema and other ropes easily with the laser cut blades.

The scissors are also very comfortable to use. 

D Splicer Scissors

D splicer scissors

#5 - Whipping Twine

An essential tool for any sailor.

Whip those rope ends, or add a couple of stitches to your rope work.

Available in various colours we recommend Kingfishers medium whipping twine which is 0.9mm thick.

Whipping Twine 

Whipping Twine

#6 - Sail Makers Needles

If you're going to add stitches to your rope work then you'll need needles.

This handy pack of 5 needles in various sizes comes in a little cardboard packaging for safe storage. When rope splicing having a set of needles to hand is essential to whip the ends of your rope and your eye splices.

Sail Makers Needles

#7 - Rope Cutting Tools (Gas Powered)

An ideal tool for in the boat park where you might not be able to have electric.

Fire the rope knife up and the gas will ignite and heat up the metal blade allowing you to glide through smaller ropes sealing them along the way.

Rope Cutting Tool

This can also be very handy when whipping the end of your ropes. The small tip is great for burning the ends of your whipping twine so it will come undone.

Gas Powered Rope Hot Knife


Have you got questions? Get in touch with our friendly team who will be happy to help. We are also able to provide you with a quote for your rope work if you require.

Rope Splicing Service

If this is all too much for you and you don't have the time then join many of our other customers who use our rope splicing service. Get in touch and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.