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August 19, 2020 2 min read

Top 5 Laser Additions

5 items you can add to your Laser sailing dinghy.

The Laser is of course a hugely popular sailing dinghy for cruising but mostly racing across the World.

As standard the Laser is a great boat but of course there are some additional items you might want to add to your Laser dinghy. Here are 5 items we think are great additions to make your Laser sailing easier and more enjoyable.

#1 - Push Button Pin

If you sail an XD version of the Laser then you've surely been there trying to undo the split pin and ring which attaches your kicker or vang unit to the lower mast. Although superb for reliability split pins are a pain in the backside, especially when you have cold hands after an amazing sail.

We offer this push button pin which fits the kicker/vang unit and simply pushes in, to release you just push the button and pull it out - simple.

Laser Push Button Pin

Laser Push Button Pin

#2 - Velocitek Prism with Deck Bracket

The Velocitek Prism is an electronic compass that's lightweight and comes with a huge display that you can view from all most angles while sailing your Laser dinghy.

The sailing compass is battery powered and also has a solar panel on top to keep the battery topped up.

This compass will help with your racing so you can keep an eye on your direction and the wind shifts that are hitting you.

The deck bracket comes complete with velcro that sticks to your hull, the bracket allows your XD control lines to run smoothly through the hole in the bracket. The compass secures to the bracket and the bracket can be taken off when you are not using the boat.

Velocitek Prism with Deck Bracket

Laser Electronic Digital Sailing Compass - Velocitek Prism

#3 - Speed Stix Tiller Extension

A carbon tiller extension that's a little bit different.

The carbon tiller extension from Speed Six provides a unique grip one way but is smooth the other. Hard wearing and long lasting this has been used by both the Laser 4.7 and Laser Standard national champions.

Speed Stix Laser Carbon Tiller Extension

Laser Carbon Tiller Extension

#4 - Laser Protect Tapes Kit

Add additional protection to your Laser in those high wear areas.

This kit is specifically made for the Laser and comes with all of the protection you'll need that's cut to size so they fit perfectly.

Laser Protect Tapes Kit

Laser Protect Tapes Kit

#5 - Clamcleat Toe Strap Adjuster Cleat

The Clamcleat aero cleat can be used on your hiking strap system so you can easily adjust where your toe strap sits based on the wind conditions.

Clamcleat Aero Cleat for Toe Strap

Laser Hiking/Toe Strap Adjuster Cleat


We are here to help and are always happy to provide our opinion on your sailing challenges. We have a number of sponsored sailors who sail Lasers and have picked up lots of hints and tips from them over the years.