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September 03, 2020 2 min read

Splicing Tools to Make a Loop in Rope

To splice loops into ropes we use four main rope splicing tools. Whether this is a 12 strand dyneema or braid on braid (double braid) rope we find that these four are the most popular that are pulled from our splicing box when making custom ropes for dinghies and catamarans.

  • Selma 4mm Fid
  • Selma 5.5mm Fid
  • D Splicer Kit
  • D Splicer Scissors

Selma 4mm and 5.5mm Fid

A small metal fid with the ability to pass the rope inside the fid to feed it through rope centres. This fid also comes with a sharp end to help break into rope covers levering them apart to expose the core of the rope.

Selma 4mm and 5.5mm Fid Pack

Selma Splicing Fid Pack

D Splicer Kit

The D Splicer kit is a firm favourite for sailors. It comes with a solid metal handle that's hardwearing with extra grip added. The handle can unscrew to allow you to swap the metal rod inside, changing the rod allows you to deal with different diameter ropes.

The metal rod end of the D Splicer is thin and can be placed inside rope cores, the idea is for you to place the rope end inside the end loop of the metal rod which will grip the rope. This allows you to gently pull the rope through another core feeding it through seamlessly.

All items in the kit come in a handy storage tube that will keep all parts together and stored safely.

D Splicer Kit

D Splicer Kit

Top tips: The smaller amount of rope gripped with the D Splicer the easier it will be to pull the rope through. Also, when you watch braid on braid eye splicing videos on YouTube they tell you to feed the fid down the core and then the core down inside the rope. Use the D Splicer instead, it's easier and won't get stuck.

D Splicer Scissors

Have you ever tried to use the kitchen scissors to cut rope? Try cutting dyneema with them - it's a hard task and will end up with you chewing the rope half to death.

The D Splicer scissors are designed to cut ropes such as dyneema, the blades are laser cut from high carbon stainless steel and the angle of the blades are set up to slice easily through your ropes.

D Splicer Scissors

D Splicer Scissors

Explore our Rope Splicing Tools

We stock a wide range of popular rope splicing tools, you can explore them through the website.

If you have any questions please do get in touch, we splice a number of ropes every week to customers exact specifications and would be happy to help you, either with advice, or by providing you with a splicing quotation.