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September 22, 2020 1 min read

Boat Hack - How to attach your mainsheet block with a spring

Have you ever tried to attached a mainsheet block that sits on top of a spring? It's a near impossible task, especially if that block is attached using a split ring....

We kit out many new Lasers and when doing so you have to get your fingers into the spring to attach and thread the split ring while the spring is fighting against you.

So, here is the boat hack. You can use a cable tie (reusable one is ideal) or a bit of rope to tie and squash the spring down while you attach the block. We find it's best to do this on two sides of the spring. This keeps the spring closed and out of the way allowing you to easily attach the mainsheet block.

When you're done simply remove the cable tie or rope and the spring will pop up holding the block in the perfect upright position ready to sail.

This has saved us hours over the years and is something we feel we should really pass on.