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February 22, 2021 3 min read

Start of Sailing Season Kit Guide

Traditionally the start of the UK sailing season can be a bit chilly, and on those colder days on the water you need to make sure you are wearing the right sailing kit to keep you comfortable, and at your top performance.

Here are our recommendations with a few items we'll be wearing as we get back on the water and sailing. We'll work from head down to toe suggesting some products which we and other customers love.


Zhik Superwarm Head Band

Zhik Superwarm Headband

Keep your head and ears warm on those colder days. The Zhik Superwarm Headband is made from water repellent 3mm neoprene wetsuit material with a comfortable and quick drying fleece inner. The also has a profile complete with ear holes so aid hearing when the headband is on.

Zhik Superwarm Head Band

Zhik Thinsulate Beanie

Zhik Thinsulate Beanie

New for 2021! The Zhik beanie hat now comes with 3M thinsulate thermal insulation that's sure to keep you warm on and off the water. This version of the Zhik beanie has been designed to protect your ears from cold winds with a new high cuff.

Zhik Thinsulate Beanie Hat

Top of Body

Zhik Hydrophobic Fleece Top

Zhik Hydrophobic Fleece Top

A comfortable top that stretches to fit your body with the added benefit of having a fleece inner which takes sweat and moisture away from your body keeping you warm. The outer of this top repels water away from the material. We guarantee this will be your most worn bit of sailing kit.

Zhik Mens Hydrophobic Fleece Top

Zhik Ladies Hydrophobic Fleece Top

Zhik Superwarm X Top

Zhik Superwarm X Top

Designed to keep the water and elements out. This Superwarm X top is made from super stretch neoprene to give a close fit that keeps your body heat in. The inside of this top has a fast drying hydobase inner which takes moisture away from your body. All seals are glued, stitched and seam sealed so water doesn't come through. Added benefit of having sticky wrists which can grip to your gloves to stop water flushing up inside.

Zhik Mens Superwarm X Top

Zhik Ladies Superwarm X Top

Zhik Breathable Dinghy Smock

Zhik Breathable Dinghy Smock

Keep the water and wind away from your body with the breathable dinghy smock. Designed with extra space inside so it can be worn over your buoyancy aid this spray top has adjustable seals at the neck, wrist and waist. Complete with a large pocket in the front for those on the water spares (and mars bars).

Zhik Breathable Dinghy Smock


Zhik Superwarm Gloves

Zhik Superwarm Gloves

One of our most popular sailing gloves. The Zhik Superwarm sailing gloves are designed to keep the water out and come with a soft fleece inner that will keep your hands toasty warm on the coldest days.

Zhik Superwarm Gloves

Zhik G2 Long Finger Gloves

Zhik G2 Long Finger Sailing Gloves

Designed for high performance yacht and dinghy sailing these sailing gloves are long finger with the index finger and thumb being ungloved to help with undoing shackles and tieing those knots. These gloves have durable kevlar stitching, padding and grip that suits all rope diameters and re-inforced palm and finger panelling. Built to last and warm too!

Zhik G2 Long Finger Sailing Gloves

Bottom of Body

Zhik Superwarm X Skiff Suit

Zhik Superwarm X Skiff Suit Wetsuit

The ultimate wetsuit for colder conditions. 3D body mapped and made with super stretch neoprene this wetsuit also comes with a hydrobase inner which takes moisture and sweat away from your body. With the latest wetsuit technologies used this skiff suit isn't only for winter, it can be used on cold or long summer days on the water too and layered with other sailing kit.

Mens Zhik Superwarm X Skiff Suit

Ladies Zhik Superwarm X Skiff Suit


Zhik Superwarm Socks

Zhik Superwarm Socks

Keep your feet toasty warm. These socks are made from 3mm neoprene and with the seams being glued, stitched and seam sealed the water won't get in. Wear these socks under your sailing boots to prevent your feet and toes from getting cold during the colder sailing conditions.

Zhik Superwarm Socks

Zhik 270 Sailing Boots

Zhik 270 Sailing Boots

At 4mm thick these boots are warmer than the thinner versions. They are also hard wearing and long lasting. They come with a unique lacing system which allows you to tighten them to your exact comfort and lock your foot in with a supporting strap that does around the boot.

Top tip: Read the sizing information we provide.

Zhik 270 Sailing Boots