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September 16, 2022 2 min read

Laser Dinghy Adjustable Toe Strap System

In this article we are going to guide you through building an adjustable toe strap system for your Laser sailing dinghy.

Items you will need 

Things you can check and change whilst the hiking strap is undone

  • Toe strap elastic - the boat in the photos uses the CL704AN cleat with a hole underneath for your shockcord
  • Cockpit Eye Straps are still secure 
  • The hiking strap, check for any rips or tears and that the screws are secure to the hull at the front

Creating the system

Step 1

First, undo the existing rope and elastic that is securing your toe strap to your boat. Take this as an opportunity to check over you cockpit fixings making sure they are secure and replace if necessary.

Laser/ILCA adjustable toe/hiking strap

Step 2

Take your new evolution race rope and tie a bowline to the port eye strap. Make sure to leave a long enough tail so this stays tied up.

Laser/ILCA adjustable toe/hiking strap

Step 3

Thread the evolution race rope through the hiking strap making sure that the toe strap is the correct way up.

Laser/ILCA adjustable toe/hiking strap

Step 4 

Once you have threaded the rope through the toe strap, grab your CL828-68 Clamcleat and make sure the cleat is facing towards the front of the boat then thread the rope into the slot like in the picture below. Tie a stopper knot on each side of the cleat to keep secure and in place. 

Laser/ILCA adjustable toe/hiking strap

Step 5 

Next, thread the race rope round the starboard eye strap and back into the teeth of the cleat.

Laser/ILCA adjustable toe/hiking strap

Step 6

Take your 3mm off cut and thread it through the two open holes in the centre of the aero base and tie the ends together. This will keep the cleat upright and always ready to use.

Laser/ILCA adjustable toe/hiking strap

Step 7

You can cut the leftover rope to your desired length or tie it into a rope handle to make it shorter.

Laser/ILCA adjustable toe/hiking strap
Laser/ILCA adjustable toe/hiking strap


If you have any questions about creating this system then get in touch with our friendly team, we are always happy to help. You can call us on 01268 222912 or email