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October 14, 2022 2 min read

The Laser 8:1 downhaul is a popular upgrade to allow you as the sailor to have more control over your sail, especially if you are sailing the newer standard rig which needs de powering on those windy days.

In this article we walk you through what you'll need and how to make a Laser 8:1 downhaul system step by step.

Items You Will Need

You can also buy the full Laser 8:1 Downhaul Kit on our website.

Some ropes will need to be cut to your correct length once the system is made. This system is tied together with knots, however we would always recommend when working with dyneema lines to splice them as this is stronger than knots.

Step 1

Take your 2m of Rig 12 4mm this is the silver/grey line and thread it around the top of the 29mm Harken block then tie a bowline.

Step 2

Take your 3mm Rig 12 Dyneema and thread it through the top of one of the 18mm blocks, make sure to thread the line like the photos below with the line crossing over in the middle to ensure the block stays in place with the additional friction.

Step 3

Take your 4mm Evo Race rope, this will be the black and coloured rope and your 3mm Evo Race Rope, the black with white/yellow fleck. Getting these two ropes through the centre of the block is difficult but not impossible you can use a splicing needle or tape them together to get them through.


Thread the 3mm race rope through the top of the block and tie a bowline as close to block as possible. Then another larger bowline to go around your lower mast.

Tie your last bowline in the 4mm Race rope around the 18mm block then your system is ready to be attached to you boat and you can thread it together like the photo below.

Step 4

Now thread your secondary line through. I find it easier to do this on the boat to make sure it is not twisted.

The 4mm dyneema rope and double block goes through the eye of the sail then down to your kicker and ties off. There are two places you can do this, 1 around the top of the vang/kicker unit where the pin and ring is or, 2 under either the vang eye on the mast like the photo below.

The 3mm Evo Race rope ties around the the bottom of your mast.

Follow the arrows starting a with a bowline from the small block attached to the 3mm Evo Race rope.

Once complete, if you feel that you have too much excess rope you can cut it to length. We recommend fitting your sail before doing this to be 100% sure of the lengths needed.


If you have any questions on the Laser 8 to 1 downhaul system please get in touch with our team who are always happy to help.

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