Laser Radial Folded Sail

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Laser Radial Folded Sail

Laser Radial sail complete with sail bag. The official Laser Radial sail is 5.76 m2 and made from 3.8 oz Dacron with a recommended helm weight of 55 - 70kg.

The Laser Radial official class sail is supplied folded with folded sail bag. Sail price excludes battens, numbers and tell tales.

The Laser Radial is the next step up from the Laser 4.7. The Radial uses a more flexible and slightly shorter lower mast together with a sail area 18% smaller than the Laser Standard.

The Laser Radial has a large following with national and international regattas and World Open & Youth Championships attracting as many countries and competitors as the Laser Standard Rig. As well as a strong following amongst lighter weight sailors the Laser Radial is also used for youth, women and masters racing.

Sail Numbers

We also sell sail numbers and letters in 300mm size.

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