Harken 5mm Captive Halyard Shackle

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Harken 5mm Captive Halyard Shackle

This Harken 5mm captive stainless steel forged shackle is polished to a high luster and are stamped with the screw pin diameter.

These Harken shackles have a secondary pin to keep the shackle permanently secured to a halyard and in the correct orientation. Can also be used for other applications such as an Outhaul shackle.

The pin in the middle of the shackle can not be removed. The halyard will have to be spliced onto the shackle.


  • Shackle pin Ø (mm) 5 mm
  • Weight (g) 32 g
  • A (mm )35 mm
  • B (mm) 14 mm
  • C (mm) 14 mm
  • Maximum working load (kg) 540 kg
  • Breaking load (kg) 1080 kg

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