Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchet Block x 1.5 Grip

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57mm Harken Carbo Ratchet Block x 1.5 Grip

57mm Harken Carbo Ratchet blocks now in Power 3 versions, this 57mm block allows 1.5 times the grip of a normal Harken pulley block.

This block allow sailors to hand-hold loaded lines and offer balance between holding power and controlled easing. The extra grip within the sheave helps with the hold.

This block has an on/off switch so the ratchet can quickly be turned off when not needed.


  • Sheave Ø (mm) - 57 mm
  • Length - 103 mm
  • Weight - 85 g
  • Shackle pin Ø - 5 mm
  • Maximum line Ø (mm) - 10 mm
  • Maximum working load (kg) - 227 kg
  • Breaking load - 907 kg
  • Holding power - 15:1

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