Contender Boat Cover - Mast Up Flat - Breathable Polycotton

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Contender Boat Cover - Breathable PVC Polycotton - Mast Up Flat

This Polycotton Contender boat cover is made from a breathable PVC and cotton mixture.

The boat cover is designed to be used when the boat is in the boat park and will sit with the mast up but boom down. This is also ideal for use when towing your boat.

Please note: All boat covers come with a 10-15 working day lead time.

Boat Cover Features

  • Transom tie down at base of the boat cover
  • Soft webbing straps to protect the bottom of your boat
  • Top quality breathable Polycotton material
  • No strings or eyelets to be seen
  • Easy to use clip fastenings to secure the cover onto your boat

Why are Polycotton boat covers the best?

The cotton fibres in the polycotton boat covers blend and swell when they become wet. This helps to make the fabric more waterproof the wetter it becomes.

As the boat cover dries, the fibres shrink allowing moisture to evapourate away from the boat.

The 50/50 polycotton fabric combines the strength of the polyester with the breathable nature of the cotton.

Although more expensive, the cotton gives the material its unique breathable characteristics. Other benefits also include:

  • Less abrasive on varnished wood
  • More breathable to prevent osmosis on frp
  • Many manufacturers only guarantee hulls with Polycotton covers

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