Allen Brothers Extreme High Load 30mm Block - Orange

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Allen Brothers Extreme High Load 30mm Block - Orange

The Allen Brothers high load 30mm blocks have been designed for extreme conditions in high performance classes such as the International Foiling Moth. High performance boats need high performance blocks where extreme loads can easily destroy the bearing systems of traditional blocks.

Allen Brothers have designed the 30mm A2030-XHL block range with a new extreme high load bearing system. The XHL 30mm blocks are CNC machined from anodised aluminium cheeks with a precision turned stainless steel sheave which are available in a variety of bright colours.

With this pulley block you can splice dyneema through the block to keep it in place.


  • Length - 43mm
  • Rope Diameter - 5-8mm
  • Break Load - 1,000kgs
  • Max Dynamic Load - 300kgs
  • Weight - 41grams

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