57mm Harken Carbo Ratchamatic Block x 1.5 Grip

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57mm Harken Carbo Ratchamatic Block - x 1.5 Grip

The Harken 57mm Carbo Ratchamatic® block is an automatic load-sensing ratchet pulley that rolls freely in both directions under low loads and automatically engages the ratchet as loads increase. Shifting between ratchet and light-air modes is seamless with no adjustment needed.

This version of the 57mm block has a different sheave which allows 1.5x grip: breeze–on/puffs; 15:1 holding power.

This Harken pulley block is perfect for spinnaker sheets and ropes which need constant adjustment.

Comes with allen key to adjust the block and when it starts to kick in.


  • Sheave Ø (mm) - 57 mm
  • Length (mm) - 103 mm
  • Weight (g) - 104 g
  • Shackle pin Ø (mm) - 5 mm
  • Maximum line Ø (mm) - 10 mm
  • Maximum working load (kg) - 227 kg
  • Breaking load (kg) - 907 kg
  • Holding power - 15:1

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