38mm Harken Micro Eyestrap x 2

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38mm Harken Micro Eyestrap - Pair

This 38mm Harken micro eyestrap is a useful accessory and comes as a pair of two. It can form a light-duty mounting base for blocks, serve as a lash-down pointa, and can be used for fairleads.

This eyestrap fits the Harken 150 cam and Harken 365 cam.


  • A (mm) - 51mm
  • B (mm) - 19mm
  • C (mm) - 38mm
  • D (mm) - 16mm
  • E (mm) - 16mm
  • F (mm) - 14mm
  • Fasteners (mm) - 6mm
  • Breaking load (kg) - 1,361kg

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