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September 26, 2022 2 min read

Why My Zhik Superwarm X Is The Most Used Item In My Sailing Bag

For the last 5 years, I have been using the Zhik Superwarm X skiff suit. It has been used for a range of on the water activities from coaching, kayaking, paddle boarding, dinghy, catamaran and keelboat racing throughout the season. Here are 4 key things I like about it and why I think you should pick the Superwarm X as your next wetsuit.

Quick Drying

This wetsuit works differently from all other wetsuits on the market. Zhik have worked for many years focusing on keeping the water out rather than letting it in hoping that your body warms the water up. Zhik have incorporated a water and wind repellant outer material and glued and blinded stitching the seams to stop the water getting in. 

The fast-drying inner lining and moisture-wicking fabric are great for long weekends on the water making sure you have a dry wetsuit every morning for those week-long regattas or long sailing weekends. 

Warm and versatile 

The 3mm thermally insulated neoprene may sound like it is not a very good wetsuit for the depths of winter but once the skiff suit is combined with the Superwarm top your core is covered by 5/6mm of neoprene.

This is just as thick as most winter windsurfing wetsuits! Your arms and lower legs have flexibility from the super stretchy 3mm neoprene while your core body is covered in 5/6mm 2-layer insulated neoprene.

The Skiff suit and the top is like having two different wetsuits, in the summer you have the skiff suit for the wet and windy summer days and in the winter you have a 5/6mm winter wetsuit. Have a look at our Superwarm X wetsuit package.


No one likes a stinky wetsuit. The men's Superwarm X comes with a handy loo rip that is very convenient for longer days on the water when you've "got to go".


ZhikTex II is a super abrasion-resistant padding for your backside and knees. It is abrasion-resistant without compromising flexibility. This material prolongs your suit's longevity and dramatically lowers the chance of rips and tears in high-traffic areas.


We are always happy to help here at Sailing Chandlery providing you advice based on our experience of wearing the products. Get in touch, you can call on 01268 222912 or email