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September 26, 2019 1 min read

Laser Toe Strap Clamcleat Adjustment System

Recent rule changes in 2018 to the Laser class included changes to the hiking strap adjustment system.

ILCA statedThe hiking strap supporting line, between the aft end of the hiking strap and the eye straps on the aft face of the cockpit, may be rigged in any manner so that the hiking strap is fixed or adjustable and may include one cleat; one ring, thimble, or shackle; or both to allow for the addition of one cleat and one turning point in the hiking strap support line that are not attached to the hull or the hiking strap

Adjustable toe strap systems for the Laser sailboat using rope and friction were always a compromise to fit the rules, but with the Clamcleat Aero Cleat supplied by Sailing Chandlery, you can have a system with secure adjustment and a real positive feel. 

Introduce a Clamcleat Aero Cleat (CL828-68) into your adjustable toe strap line and you have an extremely effective solution, giving a real feeling of security and confidence. It provides a strong foot hold with consistent settings when cleated and no drop in performance or wear. It is quick and simple to setup and is easily adjustable from both sides of the boat when sailing.

It is the first adjustable toe strap system for the Laser that actually works, allowing me to hike out to the max! 

Jack Graham-Troll
Laser 4.7 National Champion 2019