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March 13, 2020 3 min read

Zhik Superwarm X

Zhik Superwarm is a well known wetsuit brand across the dinghy sailing market. The winter or colder condition wetsuits have been developed over the years and are now in their third variation. Don't be mistaken though, these products can be worn all year round.

In 2018 Zhik split their website ranges into X and V. X is now the premium wetsuit and V is more aimed at the club sailing market. If you've had a Superwarm wetsuit before the split then you should be shopping for an X.

Find out more in our article, Zhik Superwarm X vs V.

Why should you buy a Zhik Superwarm X wetsuit?

The Superwarm X range comes with more features and better materials than the V. Zhik started by designing the X range and then worked back, removing features to get to a price point with the V options.

What to expect from Zhik?

  • Comfort
  • Warmth
  • Long lasting quality
  • Innovation - the best ideas first
  • The latest wetsuit technology and fabrics
  • Tested products - by Olympic and World Champions

You might think that Superwarm is only for the colder months. That is far from correct, with a modern layering approach you can chop and change various items from your kit bag which will likely see you wearing Superwarm X products most of the year.

The wetsuit technology used in the skiff suit allows it to be used in a range of conditions and I guarantee that if you sail from March to October like most UK sailors the Superwarm X skiff suit will be your most worn wetsuit.

Imagine you are sailing in summer, you could wear the skiff suit with a rash vest, the suit would protect your legs and lower body keeping you warm from the water and spray.

If you were in the winter you would want to also wear the Superwarm X top over the skiff suit to keep the wind and water out. Add Superwarm socks, tuck them inside the skiff suit and the water won't touch your feet as they have glued seams.

Superwarm X Key Features

  • Super stretch neoprene throughout
  • Hydrophobic fleece lining for warmth and to also pull sweat and moisture away from your body
  • Hardwearing backside and knee areas
  • Knife pocket
  • Loo rip (in mens versions)
  • Zi-bands - these are sticky rubber elements around the wrist and leg which help attach your kit to stop water flushing up inside

Products in the Zhik Superwarm X range

Zhik Superwarm X Wetsuit Range - Skiff Suit, Top and Gloves

The Superwarm X range has the following sailing products:

  • Superwarm X skiff suit
  • Superwarm X top
  • Superwarm socks
  • Superwarm gloves
  • Superwarm headband

The skiff suit and top are available in mens and womens versions. The gloves, headband and socks are unisex.

You can view all Zhik Superwarm products on our collection page.

If you combine all of these on a cold day you'll be laughing as you sail past your friends who are starting to get cold.

Split Payments

Many people who visit us look at the price tag and turn to run a mile. YES, Zhik is expensive compared to other brands but how we like to pitch it is 'Invest in your sailing kit'.

It's amazing the number of people who have turned to walk away, and then we explain the features, the technology and the fact that our Zhik kit is still going strong after 10 years.

At Sailing Chandlery we have partnered with Klarna to provide additional payment options, you can pay in 30 days, or split your total bill across 3 months - all with no interest. It's worth exploring if you want to kit yourself out for the sailing season.


Got questions about Zhik, or Zhik Superwarm? We're always happy to help you and to ensure you get the right product for your sailing.