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January 10, 2019 2 min read

Why should you buy a Zhik Superwarm V wetsuit?

The Zhik Superwarm range has been around for a number of years. From their initial red lined suits, through to their yellow lined suits and now they have the Superwarm X and Superwarm V range. You would be hard pushed to attend a colder months sailing event and not see these wetsuits being worn.

In this article we are going to focus on the Superwarm V range of wetsuit products which includes a steamer, winter sailing tops and winter skiff suits.

What can you expect from Superwarm V?

  • Quality
  • Tested products which have had feedback from Olympic and World champions
  • Comfort
  • Warmth (the clue's in the name)
  • 4 Way Super Stretch neoprene in key areas
  • ZhikTex II superior abrasion resistance
  • 3D body mapped fit

Who is the Superwarm V range aimed at?

This range has been introduced for the club sailor. The Superwarm V tackles the 'it's too expensive' argument that Zhik have heard from potential customers. Zhik have simply removed features and have reduced the amount of super stretch neoprene in the product so it hits the price point.

We've seen the V range be extremely popular this year and the blue/green colour combo looks fantastic.

What's the difference between Superwarm X and Superwarm V?

To keep it simple, we like to think as Superwarm X as the championship sailor version, Superwarm V is the club sailor version.

More information on Superwarm X vs Superwarm V

If you've had a Superwarm wetsuit product before the introduction of the X and V ranges then the X will be more suited to the features you are used to.

Products in the Superwarm V range

  • Zhik Superwarm V Steamer (mens)
  • Zhik Superwarm V Skiff Suit (men and women)
  • Zhik Superwarm V Tops

View all Zhik Superwarm cold weather sailing products.

Superwarm V Steamer

Unfortunately this is only available for men due to initial dealer demand. The Zhik Superwarm V steamer is an all in one suit which you climb into through the neck. It's a snug fit designed to keep the water away from your body. Once you've got it on there is a flap which goes over your head and zips across your chest to keep your dry and warm.

Superwarm V Skiff Suit

Our most popular Zhik Superwarm V product.

The skiff suit is the new go to product for sailors, a skiff suit provides flexibility in terms of layering so you can add various tops and base layers for the conditions you're going to face that day. For example, in the summer you could wear your skiff suit with a rash vest, in the winter you can add base layers and additional over tops.

Superwarm V Top

Designed to combine with the Superwarm skiff suit. An excellent over the top layer for extra winter warmth, always worth having in your sailing bag. It protects from the water and wind chill.


Got any questions about the Superwarm V range? We're always happy to take your phone calls and queries, just get in touch.