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August 20, 2020 3 min read

What Happens with a Brand New Laser - from Factory to Set Up

In this article we thought we would give you some insight into the journey of a brand new Laser and what happens to the Laser sailing dinghy from factory through to delivery or collection from Sailing Chandlery.

Here at Sailing Chandlery we are an authorised Laser Performance dealer and are able to supply brand new Laser boats as well as a range of Laser parts.

Made in Banbury

Lasers from Laser Performance are currently made in Banbury at the Laser factory from the one design moulds. When they come out of the moulds they are left to cure and then have the standard fittings added to the boat. These fittings are:

  • Bailer
  • Rudder gudgeons and retaining clip
  • Bow eye
  • Rear traveller eyes
  • Traveller Clamcleat
  • Grab rails
  • Friction pad
  • Eye for the mainsheet block
  • Hiking strap
  • Bung socket - the bung gets cable tied to the hiking strap

At the same time pilot holes are drilled in the deck for the deck plate that sits at the base of the mast and also for the XD cleat plate which sits in front of the centre board slot.

Once ready the boats are wrapped up in plastic sheeting to keep them protected and they are transported to Laser Performance in Northampton once a day. Currently the production make around 14 boats a day.

Stored in Northampton

The boats are all stacked up and are stored in rather large racks in Northampton where the Laser Performance warehouse and showroom are based.

All other parts are also stored in Northampton.

New Laser Sailing Dinghies stacked up at Laser Performance

Ordering Your New Laser Sailing Dinghy

When you are interested in your new boat you get in touch with us here at Sailing Chandlery. In busy times we hold new Lasers in stock, not too many as the sail numbers move quickly and we want to ensure you get a new and updated sail number for your new boat.

We can usually supply you a new boat within 1-3 weeks of payment. It's best to get in touch to confirm the latest timings.

We tend to stick with a standard set up by selling XD boats that come with carbon top masts. Other options are available if you wanted to downgrade some items on your new boat.

Explore the Laser boats and Laser boat packages on our website.

This means there are only a few decisions for you to make:

  • What rig would you like - 4.7, Radial or Standard MKII
  • Would you like a boat package to include cover and launching trolley?
  • Do you need any additional extras?
  • Will you collect, or would you like a delivery quote?
  • Do you want Sailing Chandlery to fit the hull fittings and set up the boat?

If you would like the hull fittings added then we will open up the boats plastic packaging and will secure parts of the XD rig to the boat for you. We appreciate it's a nerve racking time screwing into your brand new boat.

Laser Deck Fitting Pilot Holes

Delivery or Collection

We would be happy to provide you with a quote to deliver your new boat directly to your door or sailing club, delivery options are available across the UK and also to Europe if required.

You can also collect from us in Benfleet, Essex or we can arrange a collection from Northampton if that's easier for you.

Your new boat will be delivered to you still in the wrapping. Where we have to add fittings this will be opened and resealed again so the boat is protected.

The other parts all come boxed and packaged up for their protection.

Handover and Set Up of the New Laser

During handover of the boat we are more than happy to work with you to rig the boat and get it set up for you, or we can do this ahead of time so the boat is fully ready to go when it is delivered or collected.

Rigging guides are available and come included with the boat with easy to follow steps so you can rig your boat in your own time if that is preferred.

Handover of a new Laser Sailing Dinghy to a happy customer - Sailing Chandlery

Your First Sail

That covers the journey a Laser takes from the factory through to set up and delivery. The final part of the journey is your first sail - no doubt in perfect conditions - remember to send us a photo!


If you have any questions about buying a new Laser, or any of the steps in the process please do get in touch. You can reach Andrew on 07793 953564 or you can email info@sailingchandlery.com